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On February 26, 2009, in Development, Ruby and Rails, by tov

OK, this is more Ruby than Rails but nevertheless helpful…

If you come from a Perl background you will be surprised that in Ruby an array is definitively not a list. So if you want to pass a list of elements to a method that you have stored in an array, you may want to use the following idiom:

list = []
lines = File.readlines("FILENAME")
lines.each do |line|
list.push(Result.new(*line.split(" ")))

The *line.split(" ") creates an element list out of the array that the split command has created.

I fear a real Rubyist would have done it in a different way but OK.

P.S. Does someone know what I’m doing wrong with the code formatting in WordPress? I’m quite sure to have included whitespaces in the code above…

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