Fix broken application icons in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

So it happened again:

Most of my application icons were broken, i.e. only visible in a very low resolution.

After googling a bit I found the following discussion:

mdi’s suggestion did the trick for me:

What I did:

  • open (If you never did… : Try „spotlight-search“ –> Terminal)
  • enter cd /private/var/folders
  • enter sudo find . -name “”|xargs sudo rm -rf

                (you will have to enter your password)

  • Restart using „Apple-Menu–> „quit immediately (It’s „Sofort Beenden“ in German. Dunno the english term) or press
  • command+option+escape“. Chose „Finder restart“.
  • Be happy 🙂

OK, to be honest I had to restart to be really happy 😐